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Frequently Asked Questions

How much horsepower does a Turbo add to a 3800?

This results in better drivability at high horsepower levels and, overall, better performance. Our base turbo kit will take a naturally aspirated 3800 from 200 to 300 HP+ non-intercooled and to 400HP+ intercooled. Adding our kit to a supercharged 3800 will net 400-700HP depending on your configuration.

What kind of Turbo does a Phab F-body have?

New 1993-2002 3.8L F-BODY V6 L36 Single Turbo Kit by Phab. Kit includes Full T4 turbo unit, 38mm wastegate, oil line feed and drain kit, Stainless manifolds, crossover pipe turbo hot pipe, gaskets, bolts, and vband clamp.

What size downpipe do I need for a 3 inch Turbo?

The 2.5" exit downpipe will bolt up to the stock or an aftermarket 2.5" catback system, and we also offer a 3" exit downpipe for those with 3" catbacks. Turbo: Our turbo kit uses a Precision 6262 turbo.

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