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Frequently Asked Questions

What channels can you get on Fire TV?

Local Channels on Fire TV. Can you get local channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW (CBS+Warner Bros.), or Telemundo? These are channels that are widely available by using an over the air antenna for free. In some areas, these channels are not available unless you have a high power over the air antenna.

What can I watch on Fire TV?

Watch Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Fire TV. You can also watch programming included with your active Amazon Channels subscriptions. To learn more, go to Prime Video Channels. You can also select Movies or TV Shows from the Fire TV menu to find featured and recommended titles or to shop for movies and TV shows from Prime Video. For more information, go to Buy or Rent Movies & TV Shows.

What to watch on Fire TV?

You can subscribe directly and watch live baseball, basketball, and hockey on your Fire TV. Local and national blackouts apply in most cases (the exception is MLS Live), but for out-of-market fans, the league streaming services are a godsend.

Does Fire TV have a DVR?

The Fire TV Recast is an over-the-air DVR. It's simply a big box that you plug an HD antenna into. It then picks up local HD channels and streams them to your devices via either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. Oct 7 2018

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