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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do all the good TV shows get cancelled?

Low ratings - Declining or low viewership is usually the main reason for a show's cancellation, particularly if the show is performing insufficiently in the 18-49 demographic coveted by advertisers.

What CBS shows were cancelled?

Wisdom of the Crowd was a drama series that stared Jeremy Piven, Monica Potter, Richard T. Jones, and Natalia Tena. It was canceled by CBS following reports of low ratings, but was also plagued with controversy as Piven, the series lead, was publicly accused of sexual misconduct. CBS officially cancelled the show on May 12.

How do TV shows get canceled?

Ultimately, the shows get cancelled for a very simple reason -- not enough people show up to watch them . Networks have high expectations and with alternative cable channels and internet media to compete with these networks, the viewership numbers seem small and begin to fall, and yet the networks do not adjust their expectations.

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