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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TV Guide still exist?

TV Guide still exists??? Yep, and it's profitable - Marketplace Not only has TV Guide turned a profit for the last three years, the publisher says that a key strategy was cutting circulation. OpenGate Capital bought TV Guide in 2008 for the grand total of $1.

How to cancel a TV Guide subscription?

To cancel through the mail write to: TV Guide Customer Service, P.O. Box 37360, Boone, Iowa 50099. Call the TV Guide customer service number -- (800) 866-1400. Representatives will assist you in canceling your subscription. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel through their website or through email.

What is Channel Guide magazine?

Channel Guide Magazine. Channel Guide Magazine is your guide to the good stuff on TV, with more than 200 pages and 3,000 movie listings in every issue. Channel Guide subscribers enjoy monthly home delivery of 230+ pages filled with daily program schedules for 120 networks; a movie section with more than 3,000 listings; sports and series specials;

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