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Frequently Asked Questions

When will bowl games be picked?

Though the first games you'll pick don't start until Saturday, the first bowl game of the season starts at 10 a.m. MT on Friday (for your viewing pleasure). So get your picks in before the games start for College Football Pick'em.

What time is the Bowl selection show?

The big telecast is a countdown show. It starts at 1 pm PST and runs until 3 pm PST. It’s called the Championship Drive: Bowl Selection Show (ESPNU). And final telecast is at 5:30 pm called the Championship Drive: Who’s In (ESPN).

When are Bowl announcements?

It all started at noon ET with the announcement of the four College Football Playoff teams and continued with the release of the final CFP Rankings and rest of the New Year’s Six games at 2:30 p.m. The announcements will culminate late in the afternoon once every one of the bowl games is announced.

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