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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event?

Luckily Poker Central’s PokerGO along with ESPN have released their broadcast schedules announcing blanket coverage of the Main Event between July 3 and July 16, 2019.

When does the 2019 WSOP start streaming on PokerGo?

Those outside the U.S., Canada, and Australia will receive all of the streams on PokerGO as usual. The 2019 WSOP streaming schedule spans two different subscription services and runs May 30-July 16.

How many poker live events will CBS All Access stream?

CBS All Access, the network's streaming platform, will broadcast 25 events exclusively, plus eight more in tandem with PokerGO. PokerGO will pick up an additional eight exclusive events, making for 41 total livestreams. Free Giveaway: Win a WSOP Main Event Seat!

What time does the final table start at a poker tournament?

Most final table streams start at 1 p.m. local time in Las Vegas, although a handful are broadcast starting at 3 p.m. or in the evenings. Streams will be on a 30-minute delay, with commentary handled by Lon McEachern, Ali Nejad and David Tuchman as well as a "rotating cast of professional poker players."

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