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Frequently Asked Questions

When does cops air on TV?

The Cops TV show is a police action series on the FOX Network that aired for 30 minutes from March of 1989 to December of 1990 when it was expanded to 60 minutes, consisting of two 30-minute episodes. It puts viewers right inside the patrol cars with cops from mostly major metropolitan areas across the U.S. There are no scripts or narrators.

Where can I watch Cops TV show?

True crime fans can now watch Cops episodes free on Pluto TV as the streaming app has now launched a binge-watch channel devoted to the show. Cops is the original true crime show, and now it has its own channel. What channel is NBC on Pluto TV?

When will cops return to TV?

“Cops" Return on Fox Nation 25 September 2021

Is Cops TV show coming back?

Is 'Cops' coming back to TV? The show was revived by Fox and is set to premier in October 2021. It appears as though canceling Cops to align with social justice initiatives was short-lived, as the controversial hit show is set to return to television, albeit at a new network.

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