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Frequently Asked Questions

When will DVD be released?

This resulted in a new Asian title being released almost every month to much fanfare, delighting fans and collectors alike. Without further ado, we list down 30 Best Asian DVD and Blu-Ray releases of 2021, in no particular order. By clicking on the images ...

What new movies are out on DVD?

2020 DVD Releases Joker Available January 7, 2020 Bulletproof 2 Available January 7, 2020 The Lighthouse Available January 7, 2020 Jexi Available January 14, 2020 Zombieland: Double Tap Available January 14, 2020 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Available January 14, 2020

What movies are out in the theater?

Black Panther, The Flash, Thor, Aquaman, Doctor Strange and Batman are among the superheroes hitting the big screen again. There are new movies in the John Wick, Jurassic Park and Avatar series. Even the heroes of the past can't stay away, with long-awaited sequels to Top Gun and Indiana Jones jetting and whiplashing into theaters.

What is playing in theaters now?

This year, however, the movie theater industry hand-wrings about an urgent question ... we hope this story has a happy ending for moviegoing as we know it now. Film will always astound and move us, in part because it combines into one endeavor a gamut ...

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