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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my shows return?

Why don’t my tax return transcript and account transcript show the return I filed? Your filed return will be reflected on your transcripts only after the IRS is finished processing the return. Returns usually post to account transcripts in about one to two weeks.

Why was TV show cancelled?

Reasons Why TV Shows Get Cancelled. Financial losses – If a TV show loses money or costs the network more than it brings back in advertising revenue (etc), then it will find itself in the cancellation graveyard before long. Conflicts – Disagreements between producers/cast/networks over the creative direction of the show.

When is fall TV season?

Among astronomers, the general consensus for the start of the fall season is when the sun's central disk traverses the celestial equator in a southward direction, normally occurring around the third week of September. However, meteorologists mark the beginning of autumn on September 1.

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