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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of TV stands?

Some types of TV stands include: Cabinet TV stands, which make it easier to store additional pieces of electronic equipment, or even movies and games. Swivel TV stands, which allow for greater flexibility to turn the TV to a comfortable viewing angle.

What is Universal TV stand?

About Universal TV Stand. When you want your television to stand tall, you need a universal TV stand. These stands, like traditional stationary stands, get your television off the ground, giving it support with materials ranging from wood and plastic to lightweight metals. A universal TV stand, however, features adjustable clamps and brackets,...

What is a flat TV stand?

A flat screen TV stand is an important design element in any room where a TV or monitor is used, so it's important to find a stand that fits your screen as well as your style. For a simple classic solution, display your flat screen TV, monitor or plasma screen on one of these flat screen TV stands.

What are side cabinets?

Side cabinets are great when positioned right next to your sink or vanity. You can also use them in your bedroom or the kid’s bedroom. A side cabinet will also complement the overall design of your living room. Place a vintage cabinet anywhere in your house and it livens up the interior design.

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