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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Watto a good character in the Clone Wars?

Stereotype Flip: Watto comes off as a very sleazy and amoral individual, but The Clone Wars presents other Toydarians (or at least those living on Toydaria) to be compassionate and honorable people. In short, Watto is one of the odd ones out of his species despite being the first one introduced.

How old are the characters in Star Wars a new hope?

Younger Than They Look: By the time of A New Hope, they're in their late forties, but due to Tatooine's hostile environment, they physically look like they're about a decade older than that. Adult Fear: His home is attacked while his nephew is away. Owen is helpless as he and his wife are burned alive.

Why did Jabba leave Ziro in the Clone Wars?

The Chessmaster: In The Clone Wars, Jabba used the fact that it was too dangerous to leave Ziro in Republic custody to have him broken out by Cad Bane on the Hutt Council's payroll, not his own.

Who is the Mook lieutenant in Star Wars?

Mook Lieutenant: In charge of the droids who serve Jabba. Robotic Psychopath: She appears to take great pleasure in torturing Jabba's other droids. However, this is a trope inherent in all EV units because of programming errors, and Jabba decided to capitalize on that.

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