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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trope codifier for Star Wars?

Schrödinger's Canon: As seen above in Broad Strokes and Canon Immigrant, Star Wars and its Expanded Universe (s) are the Trope Codifier.

Why are they called Star Wars Legends?

Now, these stories are called Star Wars Legends, because they were declared non-canon by Lucasfilm in order to allow a theatrical sequel to Return of the Jedi.

How did the Star Wars movies get their names?

Named After First Installment: The first three films in the Star Wars trilogy were titled Star Wars (now at A New Hope ), The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

What are some movies with a subverted trope in them?

Rogue One: Subverted Trope. K2-SO gets halfway through "this" before his friends tell him to shut up, on account of the fact that they're trying to sneak into an enemy base. The Last Jedi: A Subverted Trope as far as the audience is explicitly aware, but BB-8 says it in the opening scene.

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