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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Clone Wars memes become ascended memes?

Due to the rise of Prequel Trilogy memes in 2017, many moments in the Prequel Trilogy that were prone to Memetic Mutation retroactively became Ascended Memes in The Clone Wars thanks to the many shoutouts in the series. Some have joked that the writers did Prequel Trilogy memes first before they became popular.

Which Star Wars movie has the most memes?

Revenge of the Sith may be the most memetic of all Star Wars films, especially after the memes got a massive surge in early 2017. An entire subreddit was created just for them and other prequel memes. Obi-Wan in particular is a Fountain of Memes, though Palpatine and Anakin are no slouches either.

What happened to the Star Wars franchise?

The Star Wars franchise dealt with waning fan interest in the late 2010s due to both divisive views of the Sequel Trilogy and possible franchise burnout (Ex. two trilogy films, a stand-alone film, three video games, an animated series, and a theme park land are just some of the new material debuted all within 2017-2019).

Is it possible to restore TPM from the Clone Wars?

Others have also inserted their own variations, usually restoring TPM or adding parts from The Clone Wars or even Rebels that they feel are also essential viewing. Posting quotes from the many Accidental Innuendos without context to demonstrate how wrong they sound. Examples include "Luke! At that speed, do you think you can pull out in time?"

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