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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Superman?

Daily Planet reporter Tim Crane comes to interview Lois Elliot (née Lane) on the anniversary of the death of Superman. Lois tells the story in a Whole Episode Flashback. After Superman's life has settled into an easy groove as all the villains lie low, he spends his time helping NASA with experiments.

How well do you know Superman in the comics?

Superman really hit his stride in The Silver Age of Comic Books, which introduced things like multi-colored Kryptonite, Supergirl, Bizarro, and the Fortress of Solitude. Even today, much of what the average person knows about Supes (not counting his death) comes from that period.

How did the villains attack Metropolis in Superman?

Of course, the villains then go berserk, attacking Metropolis in increasingly grisly ways. Superman takes his friends to the Fortress of Solitude, pursued by the Kryptonite Man, the Legion of Supervillains, and creepiest of all, an enslaved Lex Luthor, mind-raped and taken over by the remains of Brainiac.

What does Jordan say about Superman in Superman?

Jordan mocks Superman in the beginning of the story, proclaiming that the ordinary working Joe is the real hero, then when teased by Lois about really enjoying his life, Jordan remarks that Superman was deluded into thinking the world couldn't go on without him.

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