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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Superman's Secret Identity?

Superman: Secret Identity is a 2004 Elseworld story based on the idea behind Superboy-Prime from Crisis on Infinite Earths, but executed as a standalone non-canonical story without ties to the larger DC universe.

Can superheroes change their identity?

Secret Identity Change Trick: A person with a superhero identity must improvise a way to get out of sight to change identities. Secret Identity Identity: It's called into question on whether the person regards their super identity or their secret identity as their true self.

What is the difference between secret identity and Secret Secret Keeper?

Secret Keeper: A friend the hero has allowed to be aware of their secret identity. Secret Secret-Keeper: Someone finds out the hero's secret identity, but doesn't let the hero know that they are aware of their secret identity. Secret Public Identity: Someone uses their real name instead of an alias.

What is Cassandra truth in Superman?

Cassandra Truth: Invoked by Clark, who wears an actual Superman costume to make reports of his heroics unbelievable. Celebrity Paradox: A deconstruction of the trope, in a sense. Chronic Hero Syndrome: Much like his namesake, Clark suffers from this, though he does his best to keep it in check.

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