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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a Superman substitute be created?

Conversely, often a Superman Substitute is created because a writer wants to write a Superman story, but doesn't want to deal with the trouble of negotiating with DC Comics to handle one of their biggest characters without Executive Meddling, and so creates a Captain Ersatz to write him anyway.

Is visionvision a good substitute for Superman?

Vision, introduced in Age of Ultron, is played as a Superman Substitute, in contrast to his often-destroyed comics counterpart. In terms of personality, he's shown to be The Paragon and worthy of using Mjolnir.

What is the most famous superhero trope in comics?

The most famous of all was Captain Marvel, who actually outsold Superman at points, leading to one of the medium's most notorious lawsuits. Most modern takes on this trope tend to be more self-conscious, less trying to copy Superman and more trying to play with Superman as an archetype. These characters tend to include the following traits:

Who is Superman's clone?

Kon-El as he was nicknamed, was actually a clone of Superman in a timeline where Superman hadn’t been resurrected and the clone grew to a similar age that Clark was before he died. He started out as a heroic figure, but quickly turned sour when he realized that people didn’t like him because he clearly wasn’t the Superman they knew and loved.

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