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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the governor not at home in Superman too late?

Acquitted Too Late: When Superman and Lois Lane have found the proof to exonerate a man on death-row, they find that the governor is not at home because he decided to attend the execution personally, and Lois laments that they barely had time for him to make the phone call stopping the execution.

Is Clark Kent Superman's mask?

In the Golden and the Silver Age, Clark Kent was little more than a façade for Superman. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, this idea was reversed. In some versions, both are essential parts of who he is; others, particularly Alan Moore, see both as masks worn by Kal-El to interact with humanity.

Who are the Kents in Superman?

The Kents are actually later additions to Superman's backstory. Originally the foundling was handed over to an orphanage, and learned about his gifts on his own. Most of the earliest stories begin with Clark/Superman already an adult and working at the Planet. However, Clark turns out to be different from humans after all.

Was Superman originally meant to be a villain?

Ironically, the first character they called "Superman" was intended as a villain with superior mental powers (also ironically looking a lot like Lex Luthor, Bald of Evil and everything). In truth, the character probably inspired the Ultra-Humanite, and the story's title "The Reign of the Superman" has inspired many Mythology Gags since.

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