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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join TVA credit union?

Great employees! I love being a Member of this wonderful Credit Union! Also, it really helps there is almost always a branch near me wherever I am in town.” "We have been with TVA Credit Union for over 30 years and now both of our grown children have accounts too.

How do you calculate the cost of an auto loan?

Including taxes, title & registration, less any rebate and less the down payment. Monthly auto payment. Total amount of interest you will pay if you make all of the scheduled loan payments. Total cost of your loan. Principal balance plus total interest paid. Value of the vehicle at the end of the loan using the depreciation percentage selected.

What if the loan-to-value is higher than 80%?

If the loan-to-value is higher than 80%, please contact us for a rate quote. The actual interest rate and fees available to you may be different than the rates displayed. All interest rates and APRs shown are subject to change without notice.

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