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Frequently Asked Questions

What is channel 19 on Comcast?

Channel 19 is broadcast on local Comcast Cable. We are viewed in Murrysville and Export along with parts of Delmont and Washington Township. We broadcast Council meetings and Planning meetings along with other shows of community interest. We also broadcast shows and events from the Franklin Regional School District.

What channel is ACC on Comcast?

Several Comcast viewers in ACC markets posted comments earlier today on social media sites saying the ACC Network has been available on Xfinity channel 1322, although under a different name. But a Comcast official, who declined to be named, said the channel’s programming aired by mistake.

Does Comcast have a horse racing channel?

The Meadows announced today that The Meadows Racing Network (MRN), featuring all live harness racing cards, will be broadcast by Comcast on Channel 190 beginning Tuesday, September 2. Each broadcast will begin at 12 noon, with Roger Huston hosting a preview show and calling the races.

What is channel TVG?

The channel on which horse racing is broadcast on the TVG Network depends on where the viewer lives and the cable or satellite provider that the viewer has. With a membership, TVG is also available as a streaming service online at TVG's website.

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