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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you win bets on horse racing?

Tips to win horse racing bets Research your horses wisely Look beyond the favourite Stick to larger horse racing events Use betting exchanges Keep a betting record

What are the rules for horse racing?

Horse Racing Rules. If a horse betting wager is part of an entry and one of the horses in the entry is scratched the wager is still valid as long as the other horse in the entry starts. A confirmation message will be given for you to check on all horse wagers after you approve the wager. Accounts will be updated,...

What is novice race in horse racing?

Novice (racehorse) A novice in National Hunt horse racing is a horse which has not won in a particular type of race prior to the start of the current season. A novice hurdler has not won a hurdle race before the start of the current season, while a novice chaser has not won a steeplechase before the start of the current season.

Is betting on horse racing legal?

Yes, in many states horse racing and horse race betting is legal. In Canada horse racing and horse race betting is legal in every province. The important thing to remember is that every state has different laws on gambling.

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