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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of the tvga9000b?

(9016X2/4 LT2) Revision: REV.B GPU/Chipset: Trident TVGA9000B Bus: ISA-16 Memory: max 512k (4 x MB81C4256A) Id string: ??? BIOS: TVGA9000 BIOS Software (c)1991 Ver D3.0 LH ROM: ???

What is a trident VGA chip?

Established in 1987, Trident gained a reputation for selling inexpensive (for the time) but slow SVGA chipsets. Many OEMs built add-in-boards using Trident VGA chipsets.

What is the difference between the tgtgui9440 and the tgui9440-2?

TGUI9440 (1994) - Integrated true-color DAC and clock synthesizer, 1/2 MB PCI/VLB TGUI9440-2 (9440-R) - PCI, integrated true-color DAC, clock synthesizer and ROM BIOS TGUI9440-3 - PCI/ISA bus, similar to TGUI9440-2.

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