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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TVNewser?

Editorial Reviews TVNewser is a constantly updated weblog covering the television news industry. It primarily covers cable news networks like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC, and network news divisions at NBC, ABC, and CBS.

What are the most popular cable news shows among adults 25-54?

Fox News is home to the top 14 cable news shows among adults 25-54. Rachel Maddow remains MSNBC's top host. Erin Burnett is CNN's top host among adults 25-54, while Anderson Cooper is its most-watched.

Which cable news channel has the most viewers?

Fox News Sunday sees the most week-to-week viewer growth. CNN averaged more adults 25-54 than MSNBC, both in total day and in prime time. MSNBC averaged more total viewers than CNN.

What is the number 1 News Channel in the US?

CNN is No. 1 in total day, not just in the demo but also in total viewers. MSNBC posted significant growth from 2016. Fox News up from 2016 in prime time, but down in total day.

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