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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TVShowsOnDVD a reliable source for movie information?

While there has been less news on tvshowsondvd, they have always had accurate info provided regularly and consistently throughout their long time in existence. It started out as the best website for info on tv on dvd releases and it has remained the best website for tv on dvd releases (at least for me anyway).

What happened to TVShowsOnDVD com?

From February 2007 until its closing, the site was affiliated with TV Guide. In March 2013, was acquired by CBS Interactive, transferring control of to the new owners. On May 25, 2018, the website was shut down, and news updates were moved to social media.

Are there any new TV shows on DVD 2020?

We're back with 2020's final Roundup from TV Shows On DVD, before we take off for the holidays. We've got 9 new TV-on-DVD/BD titles for you, with artwork for all 9 of them. So come check it out, at the Facebook page of TV Shows On DVD: https://www. … Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo Good morning.

How many TV shows have there been released on DVD?

The site began on November 1, 2001 and was expanded to accept votes from registered members for over 10,000 television shows throughout TV history. The site contained information on over 8000 TV-DVD releases—including full season, best of, and individual episode releases.

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