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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tychem CPF 3?

Tychem® CPF 3 is a multi-layer barrier film laminated to a durable polypropylene substrate. Tychem® CPF 3 is often the garment of choice by hazardous material response teams and other emergency services when potential exposure to chemical warfare agents exists.

Why use Tychem® F?

The Altona Ambulance Service in Hamburg, Germany uses Tychem ® F as a bio-barrier against highly contagious pathogens. Find out why Dow's Stade chemical site has been using DuPont Personal Protection chemical protection garments for over ten years.

What is dudupont Tychem?

DuPont offers a wide variety of garment styles—from hoods and shoe covers to aprons, coveralls and fully encapsulated suits. The barrier fabrics and construction methods used in Tychem® garments help prevent penetration and permeation by chemical hazards.

What do you need to know about Tychem® 5000?

DuPont™ Tychem® 5000 Coverall. Standard Fit Hood. Elastic Wrists and Ankles. Storm Flap with Adhesive Closure. Taped Seams. Tan. Use Double Check to determine if this product is suitable for your hazard scenario. How should Tychem® 5000 garments be stored? Store Tychem® 5000 garments in a cool, dark, dry location free of dirt and insects.

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