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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Tychem ® TK?

"Tychem ® TK allows us to stay calm because we know we are protected, however difficult or delicate the task may be." The Altona Ambulance Service in Hamburg, Germany uses Tychem ® F as a bio-barrier against highly contagious pathogens.

What is Tychem TK level a coveralls?

Tychem TK Level A coveralls create a completely sealed barrier between the wearer and the outside world. Wearing a , or a supplied air respirator allows the user to get fresh air while working inside a Tychem TK suit. An expandable back makes wearing an SCBA comfortable.

What is dudupont Tychem?

DuPont offers a wide variety of garment styles—from hoods and shoe covers to aprons, coveralls and fully encapsulated suits. The barrier fabrics and construction methods used in Tychem® garments help prevent penetration and permeation by chemical hazards.

What are the features of a Tychem 10000 level a suit?

DuPont™ Tychem® 10000 Encapsulated Level A Suit. Expanded Back, Rear Entry. Extra-Wide Visor, 3 Layers: 40 mil PVC / Teflon® 5 mil / 20 mil PVC. Attached Dual Layer Gloves Internal: Multi-layer laminate / External: Butyl. Attached Socks with Outer Boot Flaps. Double Storm Flap with Hook & Loop Closure. Two Exhaust Valves. Double Taped Seams.

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