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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TypeRacer?

In TypeRacer, players complete typing tests of various texts as fast as possible, competing against themselves or with other users online. It was launched in March 2008. TypeRacer was created by programmer Alex Epshteyn, using the OpenSocial application programming interface (API) and the Google Web Toolkit.

Does TypeRacer allow you to select your own races?

It’s completely within the rules of typeracer as they stand right now to select your races. It’s just annoying to other racers, and it skews the rankings in favor of those who race select the most.

What is the TypeRacer Discord server?

The Typeracer Discord server ( is the heart of the huge community the game has to this day. It was first created on April 30, 2016 by Daniel "Dan" The Man.

What is typing race game?

? Typing Race game is a fun and interactive typing game for kids of all ages! Practice & test your typing speed by playing typing games. Who doesn’t love a good car race? In Typing Race Beginner Game, students will learn to type in the QWERTY fashion while playing a fun game in the process.

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