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Frequently Asked Questions

What plants live in New Hampshire?

The southern and central areas have mixed forests, mainly of white pine, maple, and oak. The white birch is the official state tree and is found throughout the state. Among the many shrubs found in New Hampshire are the American yew, pin cherry, red osier, mountain laurel, hobblebush, and blueberry.

What trees are native to New Hampshire?

Native to New Hampshire, white birch trees are found on the wooded slopes bordering lakes and streams in the state. White birch is a dramatic part of New Hampshire scenery - the birch's white trunk is a beautiful contrast against the green / brown / grays of other trees.

What are the flowers in NH?

The Common Purple Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris), is the New Hampshire State Flower. Purple Lilac is popular for its beauty and fragrance. Purple Lilac emits one of the most powerful fragrances emitted by any plant.

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