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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a Datadog-agent integration?

To remove an integration, use the datadog-agent integration remove command. The syntax for this command is datadog-agent integration remove <INTEGRATION_PACKAGE_NAME> where <INTEGRATION_PACKAGE_NAME> is the name of the integration prefixed with datadog-. For example, to remove the vSphere integration, run:

What is the latest version of Datadog agent?

Proxy: If your network configuration restricts outbound traffic, use a proxy for Agent traffic. Versions: Agent 7 is the latest major version of the Datadog Agent. Learn about changes between major Agent versions and how to upgrade.

What is Datadog-dogstatsd?

This package is used in containerized environments where DogStatsD runs as a sidecar or environments running a DogStatsD server without full Agent functionality. The standalone DogStatsD package is installed with the Agent one-line install command except every occurrence of datadog-agent should be replaced with datadog-dogstatsd.

How do I install a specific version of a Datadog integration?

Use the datadog-agent integration install command to install a specific version of an official Datadog integration (available on the integrations-core repository ), provided that it is compatible with the version of the Agent. The command does this verification and exits with a failure in case of incompatibilities.

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