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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest urgent care?

The closest urgent care is Adventist Sandy Urgent Care located in Sandy (16 miles west of the resort) at 17055 Ruben Lane, Sandy, OR 97055.

Which urgent care is cheapest?

To fight this healthcare crisis, Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC ®) is the affordable solution. TAUC’s Self-Pay Program offers care at approximately one-eighth the cost of an emergency room and one-fourth the cost of a hospital-owned urgent care.

Is it better to go to the ER or urgent care?

In most cases, your insurance will cover either an urgent care center or an emergency room. Exceptions include unnecessary visits and out-of-network facilities. However, patients should be aware that their co-pay is based on the facility they visit. It is usually much cheaper to go to urgent care centers than ERs.

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