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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from our Novi Medical Center?

Our center has many exam rooms, a large PT space, and a patient-focused design to help create a positive health care experience. It’s near local businesses in Novi and close to major freeways. We offer occupational and urgent medical care, as well as physical therapy and wellness services.

How does urgent care at Concentra in Novi work?

For urgent care visits, we make paying for your visit easy for you by accepting several types of payment: Physical therapy, workplace health, and immediate care aren’t the only services Concentra in Novi has to offer. We also deliver medical specialty care through Concentra Advanced Specialists (CAS), our medical specialist network.

What is an urgent care walk-in clinic?

Walk-In Clinics provide expert urgent care for minor adult and pediatric medical concerns for the copay of a primary care doctor visit. Get walk-in care for such conditions as cough, fever, rashes, or minor injuries like strains and sprains.

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