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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word urgently?

Define urgently. urgently synonyms, urgently pronunciation, urgently translation, English dictionary definition of urgently. adj. 1. Compelling immediate action or attention; pressing. 2. Conveying a sense of pressing importance: an urgent message. ur′gent·ly adv. Synonyms: urgent...

Why choose urgently?

After years of frustration working with legacy providers, Urgently finally gives us premium customer experiences and rich data. Easy to use, service is quick and you see the tow truck coming on map. Great customer service!

How do I contact urgently?

CONTACT Terms of Service| Privacy PolicyQuestions? Email [email protected]© 2020 Urgently,  Inc. All rights reserved. The Urgently Membership is a roadside assistance program of Inc. For questions, or membership services, call 1 (877) 244-5140.

What is urgently's global mobility assistance service platform?

THE LEADING GLOBAL ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PLATFORM Powering Mobility and Roadside Assistance programs around the world INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Find out how Urgently's global mobility assistance service platform can improve your roadside program. Our integrated platform technology is trusted by leading brands to drive measurably better customer experiences.

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