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Frequently Asked Questions

What is aboutabout USAFacts?

About USAFacts USAFacts is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan civic initiative making government data easy for all Americans to access and understand. We provide accessible analysis on US spending and outcomes in order to ground public debates in facts. Learn more about us

What is the history of USAFacts?

USAFacts got its start from a conversation Steve Ballmer had with his wife, Connie, about becoming more involved in philanthropy. To determine the best way to make an impact, he wanted first to see what governments do with the money it raises and who it helps.

Why should Americans care about USAFacts?

Americans deserve unbiased facts straight from the government to have serious, reasoned, and informed debate. As the largest source for standardized US government data, USAFacts offers something unique.

What metrics does USAFacts provide?

USAFacts presents metrics on all US governments, from federal records to a growing collection of state and county data, including coronavirus data. We also produce a 10-K modeled on the document that public companies must submit annually to the SEC for transparency and accountability to their investors.

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