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Frequently Asked Questions

What is USAFacts and how does it work?

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer founded USAFacts. Ballmer’s goal with the site was to make data about government finance more accessible and to help the public better understand the government’s impact. USAFacts shares information about government tax revenue, spending, and the results from the federal government down to local government level.

How reliable is USAFacts' data?

Low biased sourcing from government sources and agencies are the norm. USAFacts does not use any other data as they explain on their FAQ page “We rely solely on government data for consistency and to screen for bias. Data curated by think tanks, academics, or any outlet expressing a viewpoint about the data is not reliably nonpartisan.”

Why should Americans care about USAFacts?

Americans deserve unbiased facts straight from the government to have serious, reasoned, and informed debate. As the largest source for standardized US government data, USAFacts offers something unique.

What metrics does USAFacts provide?

USAFacts presents metrics on all US governments, from federal records to a growing collection of state and county data, including coronavirus data. We also produce a 10-K modeled on the document that public companies must submit annually to the SEC for transparency and accountability to their investors.

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