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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webwebta and how does it work?

webTA is a service offered by NFC to Federal Government Agencies wanting to change their current application for transmission of their Time and Attendance (T&A) data for processing. webTA is a Web-based, 508-compliant application for employee time tracking, attendance, and labor management.

What is webta in reporting system (bear)?

Reporting System's (BEAR) run is complete. webTA allows for both the Timekeeper and/or the employee to enter and submit T&A data on a daily basis throughout the pay period. webTA is used to:  Maintain a personal information record for each employee at a specific T&A contact point.

What information does the T&A processing webta contain?

Publication Category: T&A Processing webTA 3.8 - Timekeeper 147 Field Description Employee Displays the employee's name. ID Displays the employee's webTA user ID. Tour Displays the employee's tour-of-duty. Alternate Schedule Displays the employee's alternate work schedule.

How is employee profile information brought into webta?

Employee profile information is brought into webTA via a Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) biweekly feed from NFC. This information is retrieved from PPS after the Personnel Input System's (PINE) and the Personnel Update System's (PEPL) run each evening. This daily file updates all accessions and separations.

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