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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a craftsman riding lawn mower?

Insert the riding mower ignition key into the ignition switch and turn the key to the right. Allow the starter to crank the engine for 15 seconds. If the motor does not start, turn the key off and wait 10 seconds. Turn the key back to start and crank the starter for 15 seconds.

How do you get rid of a riding lawn mower?

Place an oil catch pan under the lawn mower and remove the oil reservoir plug to drain the oil into the pan. The oil reservoir plug location might vary, but is usually directly beneath the blade at the center of a push lawnmower deck.

How do you clean a riding lawn mower?

Follow the lawn mower manufacturer’s instructions by always using the recommended gasoline and oil types. Turn off the lawn mower and make sure all moving parts have stopped. Clean the entire mower deck with a mild car washing soap and water. Rinse completely and let dry. Make sure the mower is cool prior to washing.

Does a craftsman riding mower have power steering?

Some 35 years later, riding lawn mowers aren't THAT much different. But the Craftsman Pro Series includes automotive-style power steering and an industry-first on non-zero turn riding mowers: a 5" turning radius. (The Pro Series line does offer a zero turn model, too). Sure, other brands have power steering and we may cover those one day, too.

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