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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of utility?

Some examples of Utility tokens are: Funfair Basic Attention Token Brickblock Timicoin Sirin Labs Token Golem

What is the definition of utility?

The definition of utility is something that is practical or has many uses. An example of utility is a mulit-function pocket knife. Utility is defined as something that is useful to someone or to the general public. An example of utility is the gas and electric company.

What does utility mean in business?

public utility n. A private business organization, subject to governmental regulation, that provides an essential commodity or service, such as water, electricity, transportation, or communication, to the public.

What does utility mean economics?

The utility definition in economics is derived from the concept of usefulness. An economic good yields utility to the extent to which it's useful for satisfying a consumer’s want or need. Various schools of thought differ as to how to model economic utility and measure the usefulness of a good or service.

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