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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Virginia Credit Union have checking account options?

Those who are interested should contact Virginia Credit Union for more information about this account. Overall, Virginia Credit Union’s checking account options are somewhat lacking. The personal accounts offer members low returns, especially when compared with some of the best checking accounts out there.

What is Virginia Credit Union all about?

Welcome to Virginia Credit Union. We're here to help you take control of your finances with affordable services, knowledge and opportunities for you to take your money further and reach your goals sooner.

Does Virginia cu Realty offer personal loans?

Virginia CU Realty Personal Loan Options Personal Loans Personal Lines of Credit Bicycle Loans Make a loan payment Help & Support Contact Us Services Digital Banking Insurance Car Protection & Insurance Loan Payment Protection Virginia CU Insurance Services Virginia Statewide Title Services Investing Help & Support Contact Us Find a Branch

How much is the overdraft fee at Virginia Credit Union?

Overdraft fee: $20 for the first item of the year, then $35 for each additional occurrence and $5 a day for up to six days if your account remains overdrawn For people who want to gain entry into Virginia Credit Union and start saving money, this account is one option.

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