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Frequently Asked Questions

What is veterans advantage?

Veterans Advantage is a benefit program for veterans and their families that partners with companies that wish to acknowledge those who have served with special offers and discounts on their goods and service. As a convenience to our members, Veterans Advantage is a continuous service program.

How do I get Started with veterans advantage?

To get started with Veterans Advantage, you can register for a free member account to learn about publicly-available military discounts that are not generally advertised by retailers. You will also get easy access to savings opportunities in our Military Discounts Marketplace and can keep connected to your benefits with our member newsletters.

What is the Wendy's veterans Advantage program?

Wendy's has partnered with Veterans Advantage, a veteran-founded public benefit corporation, to provide Veterans Advantage members exclusive WendyMail offers throughout the year at Wendy's restaurants nationwide to recognize their dedicated service to our country.

Do I have to use the Veterans advantage discounts?

Here is the link to his blog: Although Veterans Advantage provides substantial discounts from national partners, it is not necessary to use the discounts to benefit from the program. Veterans Advantage includes $50,000 of Emergency Medical Travel Insurance free with membership; $5,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is also included.

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