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Frequently Asked Questions

Are veterans more likely to be scammed?

In fact, veterans are twice as likely to unknowingly participate in a scam as the general population, according to a 2017 AARP survey. An estimated 16% of veterans describe losing some money to fraud, while 78% report scams explicitly designed to exploit their military service.

Is veterans advantage a good company?

Veterans Advantage has an outstanding record since of delivering real benefits and military discounts from top companies to both our military and veterans. Founded in 2000, we are rated A+ by the BBB for our advertising practices, including our plan pricing, and robust customer support.

How much does the Veterans Advantage program cost?

The Veterans Advantage Program offers benefits nationwide to active members and Veterans based on a membership plan. There are three option available for membership and pricing ranges from a one-year membership at $59.95 to a five-year membership at $199.95. Interested individuals can also start a 30-day trial membership for just $4.95.

Do you know the signs of a VA scam?

• Scammers, sometimes posing as soon-to-be-deployed service members, offer special deals for veterans on cars, electronics and other products, again asking for payment by wire. Once you’ve paid, the seller disappears and the goods never arrive. Other deceptions target veterans seeking jobs , health care or higher education.

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