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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Jesus drink vinegar?

The drink offered to Jesus was a cheap Roman vinegar wine, which had a drug mixed in to dull the senses. It was the custom of the Romans to offer a man being crucified drugged wine so that he might more easily endure his cross.

Does apple cider vinegar really dissolve gallstones?

Yes, you can. Apple cider vinegar may help soften or dissolve the gallstones, though this hasn't been proven scientifically. Apple cider vinegar is also rich in potassium, acetic and malic acids, and calcium. When you take apple juice or apple cider vinegar, gallstones can be softened by the malic acid in it.

Can drinking vinegar damage your GI tract?

Although white vinegar is generally safe, too much of a good thing could prove harmful . Consumption of too much vinegar may exacerbate symptoms of inflammatory conditions in the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract such as heartburn or indigestion.

Does vinegar cause intestinal pain?

According to Health Services at Columbia, drinking vinegar regularly can cause several negative effects, including intestinal pain, due to its high acid content. You may experience burning in the mouth, throat or esophagus, nausea, stomach upset and intestinal discomfort.

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