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Frequently Asked Questions

What effect does vinegar have on an egg?

You will notice that the egg, that was once soft from the vinegar, is now hard again. The egg regains its solid structure as it takes in carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air. Once the vinegar has dissolved away the shell from the egg, it is now primed to experiment and observe the process of osmosis.

Why you should put vinegar on your eggs?

The acetic acid in vinegar is supposed to act to denature the proteins in egg whites, effectively causing them to thicken/solidify. The same idea is used when chefs add vinegar to the water which is used to poach eggs.

How long do you put the egg in vinegar?

Place the egg in a jar, cover it with vinegar, and cover the jar. Place in the refrigerator for 24 hours, then replace the vinegar. Let the egg sit in the new vinegar solution in the covered jar for at least 24 hours (may take a few days).

What happens to an egg that sits in vinegar?

If the egg is raw and the shell still in place, the vinegar solution slowly starts to eat away at the shell, dissolving it and leaving the egg intact in the underlying membrane. The vinegar causes this material to become rubbery, and the egg can be bounced somewhat due to the membrane's curing.

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