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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual pH of vinegar?

The most commercial distilled white vinegars contain 5% acetic acid, and hence, has a pH value that ranges between 2.40 – 3.40. Though vinegar is available in different varieties, apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used example, which is prepared from apple cider.

Would vinegar have a pH above 7?

In the center of the spectrum is pH 7, the pH level for pure water. For example, black coffee and vinegar are acidic and fall below pH 7. Seawater and antacids are alkaline and test above pH 7. With a pH just above 7, healthy human blood is just a little on the alkaline side.

Can vinegar actually lower pH?

Yes, vinegar is a cheap and easy way to lower the pH of water. However, it will alter the taste and smell of the water, so you may not want to add vinegar to your drinking water. But, it's a great way to lower the pH of water you plan to use to water your garden.

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