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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vinegar syndrome and how does it work?

Without access to the original audio or screenplay, Vinegar Syndrome then restored and reconstructed the film, adding music and newly dubbed dialogue. Vinegar Syndrome, named for the acidic smell of deteriorating film, was founded in 2012 by Joe Rubin and Ryan Emerson.

What is vintagevinegar syndrome?

Vinegar Syndrome is an American home video distribution company which specializes in "protecting and preserving genre films ". The company was founded in 2012 in Bridgeport, Connecticut by Joe Rubin and Ryan Emerson, who created it to restore and distribute lost and otherwise unavailable films, including vintage X-rated and pornographic films.

Are there any vinegar syndrome movies on DVD?

Since 2013, Vinegar Syndrome has released over 300 films on DVD and Blu-ray. Their catalog includes cult and exploitation films in a number of different genres, including pornographic films, horror films, and action films. They have also released vinyl records of film soundtracks.

What is the name of the limited edition slipcover of Vinegar Syndrome?

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