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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for voter?

Qualifications for Voters at a Primary. The qualifications for a voter entitled to vote at a primary are the same as a voter entitled to vote at an election, except that he or she must be registered in a political party in order to take part in and vote in that party's primary.

What does votar mean?

VotAR is an Augmented Reality audience Voting or audience survey system. Your audience hold some papers with a special printed symbol to vote, and as the speaker you take a photo of it with this app, it will analyze the photo to count the votes.

What is a synonym for voter?

Synonyms for Voter: n. • constituent, constituency, independent, electorate, turnout. • Balloter, choice, politics. •elector (noun) native, suffragist, resident, floater, taxpayer, Balloter, citizen. •inhabitant (noun) citizen.

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