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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual VPS server?

VPS hosting is an isolated part of a physical dedicated server with its own resource such as a processor, memory and disk space. You can configure your server, add software, use your preferred operating system and VPS control panel, backup your data, and install your own security patches.

Why choose our VPS hosting services?

Our VPS services will ensure that you get IPv4 and IPv6 for a reasonable fee. A possible reason not to use a VPS hosting provider is that it costs a bit more than shared hosting (but far less costly than physical servers).

Is there a free trial for VPS server? offers a 7-day free trial for our virtual private server with root access. After your free trial has ended, you can terminate your contract at any time- no commitment is required. Do I get a domain name and email service?

Who is our VPS technical management team?

Our technical management team is comprised of VPS solutions hosting experts, each with a minimum of 5 years of experience. We even have dedicated Windows and Linux VPS hotlines, so you can speak directly to experts who truly understand your virtual server issues. Our managed VPS hosting plans offer users 24/7 access to support services.

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