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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my WiFi router?

To access router settings wirelessly just type the IP address of your router on your browser’s address bar. Normally you can find it as labelled or printed on your router. If unable to find, the router address of the most popular brands are given below.

What is VPS used for?

A virtual private server or virtual dedicated server (VPS or VDS)is a server run through virtualization. It is used to partition a single physical server into many isolated virtual private servers.

Can I use my VPS as a gaming server?

One of the most unique ways to use a VPS is to set up your own game servers. If you love playing Minecraft with your friends and want to have more control over the server, then you can move away from using the built-in Realms feature and instead, host your own Minecraft server using a VPS.

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