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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SSH send the password over the network?

In no event does the SSH Server receive or send the password unencrypted over the network. The password is obtained either locally from the SSH Server's password cache, or is sent by the user over an encrypted SSH session. The SSH Server then passes the password to the Windows LogonUser function.

What is the most secure VPN service?

VPNArea offers very strong encryption. The app implements OpenVPN and uses AES with a 256-bit key for data. The RSA encryption for the control channel employs a 4096-bit key, which makes this one of the most secure VPNs in the business and explains the company’s success in China.

How do I Turn on VPN?

Open the Start menu and click on "Control Panel.". Double-click on the icon labeled "Network Connections.". A new window will open, and in the lower-half of it, you will see a list of the VPN connections set up on your computer. Highlight the icon for the VPN service you want to disable.

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