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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to secure the Virginia Beach jail?

Our #1 priority is the public safety of the citizens of Virginia Beach. Securing the jail is one way we accomplish that. We are – first and foremost – public servants and we aspire to provide the best possible service to our community.

How do I contact the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s office?

Contact: Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Public Information Office, 757-385-8446 A Virginia Beach jail inmate is being transferre...

What is the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s office doing to improve mental health?

Sheriff Ken Stolle and the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office are committed to improving mental health treatment in our jail and in our community. A $1 million grant from the state July 1 will fund a comprehensive new program.

What's new at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center?

The Virginia Beach Correctional Center now offers on-demand inmate visitation via any web-enabled device. Visit with your loved one now. Learn what YOUR Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office accomplished last year and what our goals are for the future. Want to make a difference in our community?

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