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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host a gaming server on a VPS block?

VPSBlocks is a professional services host and does not allow gaming servers or related (e.g. clan websites) on it's network. For gaming services we recommend you search for a specific gaming host. Need Help? Contact the Sales Department: [email protected] or phone 1300 839 448

Why choose virtualvps blocks?

VPS Blocks leads Australia in the latest VPS technology. Offering SSD standard, dedicated RAM, premium services like self-healing failover, advanced control panel, Windows and many Linux variants to choose from, and 100% Australian support & servers.

Why choose icloudlets VPS hosting?

Cloudlets, powered by Jelastic, is the fastest and most scalable platform for web app hosting in Australia - PHP, JAVA, NODE.JS, Docker and more. Configure your VPS now! What Can I Do With a VPS? Why Choose VPS Blocks? Since 2012 VPS Blocks has lead Australia in the latest VPS technology.

How to order a Plesk license for my VPS?

BANDWIDTH ? Each VPS comes with 1 IP Address, except cPanel servers which come with 2 IP Addresses. To order a Plesk license for Windows select the Windows operating system you wish and during the order process you will have the option to add a 100 domain Plesk license ($15).

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