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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google provide web hosting?

Yes, google does provide web hosting with the name of Google cloud. It is a cloud hosting service and is one of the expensive hosting service available in the market unlike the the other ordinary web hosting service and is much difficult to handle. However, no one can do anything for the pricing but to handle and easily manage google cloud hosting.

Which web hosting should I Choose?

“If your website does not require any scripting support, you should choose Linux hosting because they are more economical. However, if your website needs scripting and database support, you should choose the platform that supports the technologies you use.

What are the best web hosting options?

In this case, we'll be talking specifically about cheap hosting options so you can ideally get your website launched without shelling out. Unfortunately, that means some of the very best web hosts didn't quite make the cut for this threshold. When it comes ...

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